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HackerNews and DesignNews, TheHackerNews, Ars Technica and r/programming together
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Code & Design

The idea is to bring HackerNews and DesignNews together. I wanted a place where I could view these feeds at the same time.

It's using Sinatra as it's nice and lightweight.

Oh, and I've added some simple tweet button which kind of prefils a tweet ready to post.

I've also added a Pocket button for each article to make it easier for those who use Pocket.

You can find codendesign running at

Build & Run

Note: This relies on Docker to start Memcached in the background on port 11211.

To build, clone the repo then just run bundle install to install the required gems.

I'm using Foreman to run it locally hence the Procfile. Check this link for getting started instructions on Foreman.

So, once Foreman is installed, you just need to run foreman start in your terminal.

This will start the webserver and also start up the Docker container running Memcached (the Docker container is started with --rm to remove it once you stop Foreman).

Browse to http://localhost:9292 and you should be golden.

If you'd like to run this without Memcached, you can, just start the webserver manually with: rackup.

Please feel free to fork it and improve :)

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