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A PHP wrapper for's API
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PHP wrapper for Paymo's API

This is a wrapper for Paymo's API. Please feel free to fork it and make it better!

What's included?

  • Caching class - this is used to cache up the returned responses from Paymo's API.

  • The main Paymo class - this includes all the methods

  • The Paymo and Cache classes have both been commented with Doxygen format comments (the Doxygen config file is here too).


Below is a very short example of how this can be used:

	 * Require both our Paymo and Cache classes
	require_once 'class-cache.php';
	require_once 'class-paymo.php';
	 * Set some initial vars to indicate we want JSON as the response format
	 * Turn on the authentication cache
	 * Also turn on the data cache
	$api_response_format = 'json';
	$use_auth_cache = true;
	$use_data_cache = true;
	 * Create a new instance of the Paymo class, passing login details as required
	$paymo = new Paymo(
	 * Print out a list of all our clients
	print_r( $paymo->clients_getList() );

	 * Print out a list of invoices between April and August of 2012
	 * For date format see:

	$client_id = null;
	$start = '2012-04-01';
	$end = '2012-08-01';
	$status = 'paid';

	print_r( $paymo->invoices_find( $client_id, $start, $end, $status ) );


At the moment caching is mixed with the Paymo class. I'd like to split this soon so that it could be used independently. It uses MD5 to create a hash of the API URL & parameters. By doing this you can cache individual API calls to the same method. One use case is for different logins to the API.

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