Ultrasonic tank sensor
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Ultrasonic tank sensor

Simple app running Mongoose OS on a Lolin32 ESP32 board to read distance via a waterproof ultrasonic sensor (JSN SR04T, also works with HC SR04 as they are same interface).

Checkout, then build and flash using mos build && mos flash && mos console

You should see output like

[Jan 27 09:55:24.980] timer_cb             Distance - 162.18 cm
[Jan 27 09:55:26.980] timer_cb             Distance - 163.00 cm
[Jan 27 09:55:28.981] timer_cb             Distance - 162.72 cm
[Jan 27 09:55:30.980] timer_cb             Distance - 162.18 cm
[Jan 27 09:55:32.981] timer_cb             Distance - 162.71 cm
[Jan 27 09:55:34.980] timer_cb             Distance - 162.16 cm

Credit to "nliviu" on Mongoose OS forums for helping me get the pulseIn working https://forum.mongoose-os.com/discussion/1928/arduino-compat-lib-implicit-declaration-of-function-pulsein#latest


This project will upload the sensor readings to AWS IoT.

When you run mos build && mos flash for the first time, there will be no AWS config, run mos ls, you shouldn't see and aws-*.pem files, thats because I haven't committed them as they're private. You'll need to initialise by running mos aws-iot-setup.

Run mos ls again and you should see those AWS files on the device. Next thing you need to do is configure the device to use those keys. Run mos call Config.Get to see the config that the device is actually using, you can either set config using mos config-set or you can alter the fs/conf9.json file as that file will survive any OTA updates.

Login to your AWS IoT console and you should see data being published!

Next steps

  1. Figure out solar/battery solution