Python scripts to export data from your Enphase Envoy system, can also upload to AWS
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If you have an Enphase solar energy system and want to access your data, you can do so via the Enphase developer APIs.

There is rate limit on the free tier so if you want to compute stats you may be better exporting the data to a relational data store, or heaven forbid, a spreadsheet!

This script will make it easier, just set your Enphase credentials, set the start/end date range you want then go grab a coffee, your data will be saved to json files per day.

Stats exporter

Use this script if you want to export your enphase stats to json files

Set the config in .envrc.example, either use direnv or just export the vars on your own.

Run using python3

Have a look in the out/ directory once the script has finished, you'll see a json file per day, with the stats for that day.

Stats to Db

Use this if you want to export your enphase stats to RDS on AWS

build and package up the application: make build package

Deploy the application into AWS make deploy


  • Add other API calls, currently just power generation, I'd like consumption exports too
  • Relation data store / export to AWS
  • Run as an AWS scheduled lambda