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Ghost Compatability Ghost Compatability

Frontier — A Ghost starter theme with Webpack and Bootstrap

This starter theme is intended as a blank slate for developers working on custom Ghost themes. It includes Bootstrap 4, and a Webpack / BrowserSync configuration so you can get started developing in a modern front-end environment right away. Frontier is based on a fork of the lovely Undefined from Curiositry. (Check out their other Ghost themes!) I'm also inspired by the excellent Sage starter theme for Wordpress.


  • Bootstrap 4 ...along with jQuery and Popper.js for full BS4 functionality.

  • Webpack 4 & BrowserSync 2 Check the build directory for config, but in a nutshell: CSS is run through postcss, js is run through Babel, and fonts and images are moved to the assets folder without any processing. Webpack doesn't touch .hbs templates.

  • Ghost v2 Compatible Tested in several versions of Ghost ^2.0.0.

  • Fully Templated Frontier uses all the same template files as Undefined—A homepage with post teasers, author pages, tag pages, navigation menu, subscribe form, metadata... all the files needed in a blog, not just the minimum files needed to run Ghost.

Getting started

  • { 1 }: Download / clone theme

  • { 2 }: Install Run npm install, this was configured using Node 10.14.0

  • { 3 }: Dev Run npm run start to open a BrowserSync session

  • { 4 }: Build Two options here. Ideally, configure a CI server to build theme assets, or run npm run build:prod locally and upload assets dir with the standard issue Ghost theme files.


A minimal Ghost starter theme, featuring Webpack, Browsersync, and Bootstrap.



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