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Fun decision tree repo to see who will get bumped from the bachelor next.
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BachelorTree is a silly project. My girlfriend really seems to like watching ABC's show, "The Bachelor". Hence, I sometimes watch it since I enjoy her company. The show itself is a fairly silly, but I'm always curious as to whether or not there's any way to answer a few questions:

  • Why do some girls stay?
  • Why do some girls go?
  • Who will go next? (Boo! Hiss!! Predictive analysis!!!)

More explanation


  1. We write some sort of data scraper.
  2. We use decision trees* to analyze the data we've captured
  3. We watch the show next week and realize how wrong we are.

So Far

I've written a data scraper that hits the ABC website and pulls some data down. I've jammed all that into a JSON file that has today's date on it in /feature_data/.

How you can help

  • You can give me realistic advice on better methods.
  • You can add or enhance the data about the contestants.
  • You can write some code to do something you think is necessary.


*Yes, I know, decision trees on a dataset of 24 points with many features is a horrible, horrible idea.

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