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The Lone Clone

A clone-themed game for the Github Game-Off 2012

Make your way through 20 puzzlicious levels using only your power of cloning.

Play it here! It's played best on Chrome, but is slow/mute on Firefox. Also, if you're not hearing the music or if anything looks missing, try refreshing a few times (sorry!). Also, if you clone yourself a bunch of times in a small space and things get too cramped, it may freeze (sorry again!). If that happens, close the tab/window and try again.

Note for judges: I'll keep updating this game at the above url, so in fairness, here is the original version of the game as submitted midnight for GGO: Original

Splash page




Pietnastka (Piotr Kurek) - Website - [] (


Bart from - Texture Pack

Programming Tools

box2dweb for physics engine

requirejs for code organization

jQuery for convenient DOM manipulation

jPlayer for playing music

Inkscape as a handy level editor

Guard as an automated build tool

coffeescript for programmer happiness

Haml for programmer happiness

Sass for programmer happiness

Rack as a minimalist webserver

How to build Locally

You'll need Ruby to use Guard, and node if you want to minify/uglify the javascript.

git clone
cd The-Lone-Clone
bundle install

I like to have 2 tiny console windows up, one for Guard and the other for rack. So in one console:

bundle exec guard

and in another


Now go to localhost:9292/public/dev/index.html to see the game!

To minify and build for production, run the following:


This will use r.js to concatenate and uglify your javascript files. You can then open localhost:9292/public/prod/index.html to make sure it all still works.


A clone-themed game for the Github Game-Off 2012



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