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What is NutBuggered?

It's a tower defense game featuring squirrels defending their homeland against swarms of bugs.

Initially for Pokki's 1up contest, but planning to release as a general HTML5 shortly. If you're on Windows, you can try NutBuggered out now:

Note: Code style, organization, and odor took a sharp nose dive in the final hours before the contest deadline. You've been warned.


Run guard to generate all the html, css, and javascript from haml, scss, and coffescript files.

bundle exec guard

Instant TDD Feedback

Two helpful techniques that made TDDing this much easier:

  • Running guard will also start LiveReload, so when you open your browser to nutbuggered/nutbuggered/spec/jasmine/jasmine.html for Jasmine, turn on the LiveReload plugin to get automatics refreshes upon saving any coffeescript file.
  • I made a desktop notifications reporter for Jasmine, so you never have to leave your terminal to see Jasmine reuslts. Just set chrome://settings/content to accept Notifications from all sites (because I couldn't figure out how to turn it on for just local pages), and you should see notifications everytime jasmine.html is saved.


HTML5 Tower Defense game built for Pokki



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