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Save Central

PC games put saves all over the place. %userprofile%/Saved Games is the official be all, end all location. Microsoft said so! You should just be able to back up that folder and have a copy of all your saved games. But noooo. Some games clutter even up your ~/Documents folder with their stupid junk. It's super obnoxious and there's no reason for it.

It's time to fight back. Save Central finds saved games, moves the saves to ~/Saved Games, and makes a hidden junction. Your games will still able to find their saves, but they'll all be stored where they belong.

As a side effect, it's slightly easier to back up your saves.


  • Python 3.3

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Moving and linking

Just run the script!


Restoring backed up saves on a new computer

This is left as an exercise to the reader. Pull requests welcome! (If you're absolutely up the creek without a paddle, just look at list.csv and manually copy the folder to the correct location.)


It didn't move some folders?

Edit list.csv to add the correct path. The first item on a line is the source, relative to %userprofile%. The second item is the destination, relative to %userprofile%/Saved Games. Please send a pull request, too. Note the alphabetical order.

What about games that use ~/Documents/My Games?

That is acceptable. I feel no ill will towards games which use what was the recommended save game location a decade ago, when XP roamed the earth. But times have changed.

What about games that use Steam Cloud?

What about them? Those saves are backed up automatically, so we only care about them if they're living some place inappropriate in ~.

What about games that don't put their save files anywhere in %userprofile%?

The only modern titles I've encountered that do this use UPlay. Not all UPlay games. But at least one. The paths for these games are in unqualified_list.csv. A lot of older games may do this, also. My gaming library is such that I haven't encountered them. Pull requests welcome! Or buy the versions, which put save files in ~/AppData/Local/ ;-)


Move all those pesky saved games out of your Documents directory.




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