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#Modest Grid

Modest Grid is a super lightweight grid system developed to create responsive prototypes. With the CSS weighing in at under 2kB, it truly is a super lightweight.

What really sets Modest Grid apart are its naming conventions for the column classes it uses. As well as the ability to choose how many columns you would like to use for your projects.

###.dt-[1 to 12/16] Desktop (1024px and up).[1 to 12/16] Tablet landscape (1024px).[1 to 12/16] Tablet portrait (768px).[1 to 12/16] Mobile landscape (568px).[1 to 12/16] Mobile portrait (320px).

A great option that comes with Modest Grid is the ability to change the gutter width using the gutter variable written in SASS. This way you don't have to worry if you have set the correct padding and margins. This is much more reliable than the find and replace method is it won't replace any code that you may want left such as the width of an element.

##Set your own columns Using a bit of SASS magic you can now set how many columns you would like to use for your project. Simply set the number within the $columns variable and the rest will be taken care of.

Alternatively you can use the 12 and 16 CSS files that have already been created within Modest Grid.


#Compatibility Modest Grid is still in its early stages and thus hasn't been fully tested. It will however work fine in more up to date web browsers.


Modest Grid is an easy to customise grid framework that allows for the rapid development of responsive websites.



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