Get resource node data from Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine
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Rundeck GCP Nodes Plugin

Version: 0.1.0-BETA

This is a Resource Model Source plugin for RunDeck 1.5+ that provides Google Cloud Platform GCE Instances as nodes for the RunDeck server.

The plugin is currently in BETA, if you have any issues please create an issue so that I can resolve it quickly.


Download from the releases page.

Put the rundeck-gcp-nodes-plugin-0.1.0-BETA.jar into your $RDECK_BASE/libext dir.

You must also authenticate the rundeck-gcp-nodes-plugin to your google cloud platform project. * Log into your Google Cloud Platform console, go to the API-Manager, then go to credentials * Then go to Create Credentials, Service account key. Under the service account drop down select New Service Account. Name the service account rundeck-gcp-nodes-plugin. Make sure the key type is JSON * rename the JSON file to rundeck-gcp-plugin.json and place it in /etc/rundeck/

I am currently running my rundeck server in a private subnet, which can not utilize user authentication within oauth to allow for API access. In subsuquent versions in which users are leveraging rundeck in a public subnet that can allow for url callback, I will account for that.