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James Fisher
James Harrison Fisher
Date of birth October 1987
Address Highgate, London, N6
Email address
Mobile tel. no. 07951 498 897
Find me on ... LinkedIn, GitHub, Reddit
I am a developer and designer soon to have an MSc in Computing Science. I like problems and will
attack them until solved. I like to communicate in paint, print, and programming.
2010-12 MSc in Computing Science from Imperial College. Distinction in coursework and exams.
Individual project to be completed.
2006-9 Bachelor of Arts degree, with first-class honors, in History, at the University of York.
2004-6 Achieved the following six A-levels:
Grade Subjects Institution
A History Colchester Royal Grammar School
A Computing Colchester Royal Grammar School
A General Studies Colchester Royal Grammar School
B Physics Colchester Royal Grammar School
B Mathematics Colchester Royal Grammar School
B Art and Design Grey Friars
2002-4 Eleven GCSEs at Colchester Royal Grammar School.
* I have computing and I.T. experience of the following, with varying familiarity:
+ C++
+ Python, PHP, JS
+ Haskell
+ jQuery, jQuery UI
+ Apache, NodeJS, MVC (Django)
+ HTML5, CSS3, XML, JSON, &c.
+ git, svn
+ xUnit, QuickCheck
+ SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL
+ T[E]X, L^AT[E]X
+ Linux, Windows
* An understanding of algorithmics and a comfortableness with formalism. I am familiar with Big-O
notation. I enjoy playing with and implementing algorithms for their own sake.
* An eye for aesthetics, design, and presentation.
* Problem-solving and strategic thinking. I will thrive in an intellectually challenging workplace.
I strive to eliminate routine tasks.
Previous work and achievements
May 2012-present Software Developer at YUDU Media.
2006-present Director and Secretary of Lexden Montessori. In these roles I have overseen, among other
* Business planning. From the outset I have been involved in the company's expansion and direction
of growth. I understand the requirements and challenges of a small business.
* Market research and advertising in multiple media (print, web, radio, and others). I have
learned, by success and failure, how to think from a customer's perspective.
* Administration and secretarial duties. The follies of schematizing, sorting, and
cross-referencing paperwork led me towards the real power of the computer.
* Web design and maintenance for
2012-present (work in progress) Branding and marketing consultancy for The Gilgil Trust
(, an organization providing young people around the town of Gilgil in
Kenya with shelter, health-care, and help in their education and careers.
2010 Branding for Pembroke House (, a private Kenyan prep school. In
the words of their Commercial Director,
James has worked with me on new brand designs for Harambee Schools Kenya (see below), a charity
and Pembroke House school, a prep school. In both cases his work was of the highest quality, and
reflected a passion for design, but also for getting under the skin of the organisation he is
designing for. I wouldn't hesitate to use James again for any design projects that I might have.
Branding and web design for Harambee Schools Kenya (, a charity building
schools around Gilgil in rural Kenya.
GWS Media gave the website an award, commending its âplain, clear English; striking design, and
beautiful images.â To date, the new branding and website is known to have directly brought in
£53,000 of funding, including from UBM (the global media and comms giant) and HSBC, who made HSK
their official corporate charity after finding their website.
2009 Developing an internal database-driven system for managing care homes and CSCI reports for
Caring Homes.
2008 Various responsibilities at Caring Homes, including: accountancy and financial planning, due
diligence, insurance of plant, and remote I.T. support
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