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NTLMStream Usage #32

ityndall opened this Issue · 2 comments

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ityndall James Armes

I've ran into a problem using your library, and it's because of the ntlm authentication. I see you have the NTLMStream class by Thomas Rabaix, but I don't see where it's being used. I've looked all through your code base, and I can find no where the NTLMStream is being registered with the stream_wrapper_register function from PHP. In addition, I don't see any use of it in any of the examples provided in the wiki.

How does one use the NTLMStream class with php-ews?

James Armes

The NTLMStream class was added when I first started this library, just in case I needed it. However, with the NTLMSoapClient class I never had a need for it and I just haven't removed it.

James Armes

This class has been removed in b1cdd7d.

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