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This library makes Microsoft Exchange 2007 and 2010 Web Services easier to implement in PHP. This library requires PHP 5.2+ with the SOAP and cURL extensions installed. This library makes use of the NTLMSoapClient Class by Thomas Rabaix.

Current Status

  • I am currently working to support both Exchange 2007 and 2010
  • This project is under active development and there may still be resources that have not been completely implemented and tested. Contributions are welcome.
  • Several examples have been added as wiki pages.


All questions should use the issue queue. This allows the community to contribute to and benefit from questions or issues you may have. Any support requests sent to my email address will be directed here.


Contributions are always welcome!

Contributing Code

If you would like to contribute code please fork this repository and issue a pull request against the master branch. It is recommended that you make any changes to your fork in a separate branch that you would then use for the pull request. If you would like to receive credit for your contribution outside of git, please add your name and email address (optional) to the CONTRIBUTORS.txt file. All contributions should follow the PSR-1 and PSR-2 coding standards.

Contributing Documentation

If you would like to contribute to the documentation, please feel free to update this wiki. I request that you do not make changes to this home page but other pages (including new ones) are fair game. Please leave a descriptive log message for any changes that you make.