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Sort the Dashboard Course Cards

This is a user script that will allow the user to drag and drop the course cards on the dashboard into a new position.

Quick Install - Individuals

  1. Install and enable the Tampermonkey browser extension
  2. Install the dashcard_sorter.user.js file

This installation approach should work for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Site-wide Installation

This script has also been tested for inclusion in a site's custom JavaScript file. This eliminates the need for individual users to install the script on their machines and people should not do both.

Canvas Admins can add the code from dashcard_sorter.user.js file into your global JavaScript file. The metadata comments at the top should not be included. You may also need to include it in your mobile JavaScript file, I'm not sure.

This approach has been tested with Firefox, Chrome, Safari (Mac and iPhone), Internet Explorer 11, and Edge.


The Canvas Dashboard shows a course card (rectangle) for each course. It contains the course name, the course nickname, and possibly some quicklinks to areas within the course. It is color coded to match the calendar.

The order in which the cards are displayed is not ideal. Sometimes it appears alphabetical, sometimes the term of a course seems to matter.

Some people would like to organize their dashboard in their order, and this script gives them the ability to do so.cu


This script will automatically run on any Canvas instance hosted at *.instructure.com. If you have a custom domain, then you will need to modify the \\ @include line to refer to your site.

If you install it as part of your global JavaScript file, there is no need to modify the code.