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#ifndef Rice__Builtin_Object_defn__hpp_
#define Rice__Builtin_Object_defn__hpp_
#include "Object_defn.hpp"
#include "Allocation_Strategies.hpp"
#include "detail/ruby.hpp"
namespace Rice
//! A smartpointer-like wrapper for Ruby builtin objects.
/*! A builtin object is one of Ruby's internal types, e.g. RArray or
* RString. Every builtin type structure has a corresponding integer
* type number (e.g T_ARRAY for RArray or T_STRING for RString). This
* class is a wrapper for those types of objects, primarily useful as a
* base class for other wrapper classes like Array and Hash.
template<typename T, int Builtin_Type>
class Builtin_Object
: public Object
//! Wrap an already allocated Ruby object.
/*! Checks to see if the object is an object of type Builtin_Type; a
* C++ exception is thrown if this is not the case.
* \param value the object to be wrapped.
Builtin_Object(Object value);
//! Make a copy of a Builtin_Object
/*! \param other the Builtin_Object to be copied.
Builtin_Object(Builtin_Object const & other);
T & operator*() const { return *obj_; } //!< Return a reference to obj_
T * operator->() const { return obj_; } //!< Return a pointer to obj_
T * get() const { return obj_; } //!< Return a pointer to obj_
//! Swap with another builtin object of the same type
/*! \param ref the object with which to swap.
void swap(Builtin_Object<T, Builtin_Type> & ref);
T * obj_;
} // namespace Rice
#endif // Rice__Builtin_Object_defn__hpp_
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