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An automation assignment with wings
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Test Assignment 🚀

Develop an automation test script suite for our Texas Pre-License Required - Law of Agency course for our real estate vertical.


  1. Write test scripts testing key parts of the web app, including (but not limited to):
    • Creation of a new account taking Law of Agency
    • Purchase of the Law of Agency course
    • Completing the profile information
    • Go through multiple pages of the course to test different features (no need to complete the full course)
  2. Report passing or failing tests in a clear way
  3. Identify why a test failed
  4. Report test failure to devs
  5. Make sure to document the process and be prepared with all scripts ready to run the test and give verdict of pass or fail.

Extra Credit

  • Create a similar test on mobile
  • Run the web test on different browsers
  • Create a test outline and roadmap for any additional features
  • Run the test using a cloud service like Sauce Labs or Browser Stack


  • Staging URL:

Getting Started ⚡️


node >= 11.6.0
yarn >= 1.13.0


Install dependencies

$ yarn

Running Tests

$ yarn test

Generating Reports

$ yarn report

Folder Structure

 |-- tests
    |-- component
      |-- performance
        |-- performance.json
      |-- screenshots
        |-- screenshot.png
      |-- component.test.js

Built With

  • Jest - Delightful JavaScript Testing
  • Puppeteer - Headless Chrome Node API
  • node - JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine
  • jest-stare - Jest HTML Reporter and Results Processor

Recommended Editor

We recommend using VS Code for debugging tests with the following extensions installed:

  • Debugger for Chrome, Microsoft
  • ESLint, Dirk Baeumer
  • Jest, Orta

Style Guide


Helpful Links



Yes, even tests have bugs sometimes. Please create an issue here if you find any.

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