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gulp-rev-replace Build Status

Rewrite occurrences of filenames which have been renamed by gulp-rev

Note: this package is no longer maintained. Development continues in TheDancingCode/gulp-rev-rewrite.


$ npm install --save-dev gulp-rev-replace


Pipe through a stream which has both the files you want to be updated, as well as the files which have been renamed.

For example, we can use gulp-useref to concatenate assets in an index.html, and then use gulp-rev and gulp-rev-replace to cache-bust them.

var gulp = require('gulp');
var rev = require('gulp-rev');
var revReplace = require('gulp-rev-replace');
var useref = require('gulp-useref');
var filter = require('gulp-filter');
var uglify = require('gulp-uglify');
var csso = require('gulp-csso');

gulp.task("index", function() {
  var jsFilter = filter("**/*.js", { restore: true });
  var cssFilter = filter("**/*.css", { restore: true });
  var indexHtmlFilter = filter(['**/*', '!**/index.html'], { restore: true });

  return gulp.src("src/index.html")
    .pipe(useref())      // Concatenate with gulp-useref
    .pipe(uglify())             // Minify any javascript sources
    .pipe(csso())               // Minify any CSS sources
    .pipe(rev())                // Rename the concatenated files (but not index.html)
    .pipe(revReplace())         // Substitute in new filenames

It is also possible to use gulp-rev-replace without gulp-useref:

var rev = require("gulp-rev");
var revReplace = require("gulp-rev-replace");
gulp.task("revision", ["dist:css", "dist:js"], function(){
  return gulp.src(["dist/**/*.css", "dist/**/*.js"])

gulp.task("revreplace", ["revision"], function(){
  var manifest = gulp.src("./" + opt.distFolder + "/rev-manifest.json");

  return gulp.src(opt.srcFolder + "/index.html")
    .pipe(revReplace({manifest: manifest}))




Type: boolean

Default: true

Use canonical Uris when replacing filePaths, i.e. when working with filepaths with non forward slash (/) path separators we replace them with forward slash.


Type: Array

Default: ['.js', '.css', '.html', '.hbs']

Only substitute in new filenames in files of these types.


Type: string

Default: ``

Add the prefix string to each replacement.


Type: Stream (e.g., gulp.src())

Read JSON manifests written out by rev. Allows replacing filenames that were reved prior to the current task.

options.modifyUnreved, options.modifyReved

Type: Function

Modify the name of the unreved/reved files before using them. The filename is passed to the function as the first argument.

For example, if in your manifest you have:

{"js/": "js/"}

If you wanted to get rid of the js/ path just for .map files (because they are sourcemaps and the references to them are relative, not absolute) you could do the following:

function replaceJsIfMap(filename) {
    if (filename.indexOf('.map') > -1) {
        return filename.replace('js/', '');
    return filename;

return gulp.src(opt.distFolder + '**/*.js')
        manifest: manifest,
        modifyUnreved: replaceJsIfMap,
        modifyReved: replaceJsIfMap


  • Chad Jablonski
  • Denis Parchenko
  • Evgeniy Vasilev
  • George Song
  • Håkon K. Eide
  • Juan Lasheras
  • Majid Burney
  • Simon Ihmig
  • Vincent Voyer
  • Bradley Abrahams


MIT © James K Nelson


Rewrite occurences of filenames which have been renamed by gulp-rev



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