Memamug helps you remember faces. Written with React, Maxim & Rails.
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An open-source app which helps you remember people you'd normally forget. See the live version at

This app was built to demonstrate how to write a simple web-app, without resorting to a cliché to-do list. I'll be writing a number of tutorials to explain how to build this app, from creating the initial directory structure to deploying it live. Follow @james_k_nelson to keep updated.

Getting Started

If you haven't already, install and start memamug-server

Once you have the server installed, getting started only takes four lines in your favorite terminal app:

git clone
cd memamug-client
npm install
npm install -g gulp

And then one final line each time you want to start the dev server, which watches for changes and makes the app available at http://localhost:9000/:

npm start


Want to deploy to a server to show your friends? Run gulp dist to produce a deployment-ready copy in the dist directory.