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A minimal, development-focussed template to get you up and running with Webpack, Babel & LESS.

Read how it works at jamesknelson.com.

Things it does:

  • Makes ES6 "just work"
  • Compiles and includes your LESS files
  • Serves your files
  • Automatically recompiles/reloads your page when JavaScript/LESS files change
  • Decide where your files go (to a degree)

Things it doesn't do:

  • Handle your deployment build
  • Include any runtime dependencies (other than babel's polyfill)

Install with three lines

Just git clone & npm install:

git clone https://github.com/jamesknelson/webpack-black-triangle.git
cd webpack-black-triangle
npm install

Then use it with one more

Run the dev server:

npm start

Then open localhost:8080.

Why a black triangle?

Because this.