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What is it?

RTL-Sass provides mixins and functions to automatically flip your CSS styles for RTL (right-to-left) pages.

Supports flipping the following properties:

  • background
  • background-position
  • border
  • border-radius
  • clear
  • cursor
  • direction
  • float
  • left/right
  • margin
  • padding
  • text-align
  • text-indent

These mixins are for use with Sass (


Coming soon...

Change log


  • Add support for backgrounds which have horizontal positioning set in percent (%)
  • Add support for background shorthands with 6 values
  • Add support for cursor: ne-resize, e-resize, se-resize, sw-resize, w-resize, nw-resize


  • Add support for backgrounds which are centred using 50% instead of center


  • indent properties and align values
  • add mixins margin(), padding() and border-width()
  • remove lrswap2(): no critical use case and confusing
  • $rtl has a default value
  • prefer $value and $values instead of $val, more explicit
  • tests are in a separate file


  • Added support for direction
  • Reorder mixins alphabetically
  • Added demo page


  • Sample css files
  • Added support for background, background-position, clear and text-align


  • Refining mixins to look more like normal CSS
  • Added support for border-radius and text-indent
  • Added a universal swap mixin that can take any property that has 4 values


  • Initial release
  • Support for float, padding, margin, border and position
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