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Contributing Guidelines

d3-x3d makes it easy to quickly produce beautiful 3D data visualisations with minimal code.

The dist/d3-x3d.js and dist/d3-x3d.css files are built from source files in the src directory. Do NOT edit the dist files directly, but rather edit the src files and then run make or npm test to generate the dist files.

Unit Testing

Note, d3-x3d is currently transitioning unit testing framework from the tape to mocha. Currently running with a combination of the two. All new unit tests should be written using mocha. In time all tape tests should be re-written in mocha.

Code Styles

To ensure code formatting is kept standard, IDE configuration files for PHPStorm and Atom can be found in the config directory. If contributing to d3-x3d please ensure code formatting is maintained as per these standards.

Please feel free to contribute code style configuration files for other popular IDEs.