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@github-actions github-actions released this 13 Dec 22:55

Stork 1.0.0 is here, with new features, stability improvements, and lots more speed. The major version bump signifies that Stork is officially out of beta, and that I (James, the developer) believe that it can be "production ready" on your site.

As with any Stork version bump, your Javascript library will automatically update and get you some of the latest changes, and will still work with the index you've already built. To get the full benefit of all the changes in 1.0.0, make sure to update the version of Stork that you're running, then rebuild your index.

Index Generator Updates:

  • Stork can parse HTML and Markdown input files
  • stork --test command will open a local webserver that lets you test a generated index, without having to build it
  • Sped up index generation (Thanks @DenialAdams!)

Javascript Library Updates:

  • Separated index parsing from searching in generated WASM library, which sped up searches (Thanks @DenialAdams!)
  • Javascript library adds a "Powered by Stork" UI
  • Adds event handlers to the Javascript configuration so you can define callbacks when your users search for queries and click on results

Other Improvements:

  • Reworked public interface for those using Stork as a Rust library
  • Added dark.css theme
  • New website documentation