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@github-actions github-actions released this 15 Feb 23:26

New Features

  • Added self-hosting support. Read the self-hosting documentation to learn more.
  • Added Javascript lifecycle methods to give you control over when the WASM downloads, when the index file is downloaded, and when Stork attaches to the DOM. This will greatly improve the Stork experience when using React-based static site generators, such as Next.js or Gatsby. Read the Advanced JS documentation to learn more.
  • New Javascript API method for searching an index without requiring that you use Stork's UI. If you want to build your own Stork UI from scratch, this is the method for you. The Advanced JS documentation link will help you get started with this, too.
  • New Javascript configurations:
    • onResultsHidden - Callback that gets called when the results are hidden, when the user presses esc or clicks on the close button
    • onInputCleared - Callback that gets called when the input is cleared, when the user presses esc twice
    • showCloseButton - Boolean to determine whether the close button is visible or not
  • Stork can now take in a configuration file that's piped into the $ stork --build command, instead of requiring that you pass in a file path.