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Lightweight HTML5 Canvas Danmaku Engine
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Lightweight Canvas HTML5 Danmaku Engine.


Youtube extension

Click to see Damoo extension script for YouTube live chat.

Getting started

Use Bower .

$ bower install damoo

Damoo will be installed to bower_components/ directory.

Or download the latest release.

Damoo requires a complete DOM with a suitable container to be fit in.

<div id="dm-main">
    <div id="dm-screen"></div>

Then, import damoo.js or damoo.min.js.

<script type="text/javascript" src="damoo.min.js"></script>

Initiate Damoo.

var damoo = new Damoo('dm-screen', 'dm-canvas', 20);

Or by binding an element.

var damoo = new Damoo(document.getElementById('dm-screen'), 'dm-canvas', 20);

Or use your own font instead of "sans-serif".

var damoo = new Damoo('dm-screen', 'dm-canvas', 20, "Arial");

And run it.;

Danmaku can be emitted by calling emit method.

// Simple
damoo.emit("Damoo is awesome!");

// With attributes
damoo.emit({ text: "Damoo is awesome!", color: "#f49" });

Enable text shadow.

damoo.emit({ text: "I got a shadow!", color: "#000", shadow: true });

Color the shadow.

damoo.emit({ text: "Hooray!", color: "#f00", shadow: { color: "#f49" } });

Danmaku can also be fixed at the center of the screen.

damoo.emit({ text: "I'M FIXED!", color: "#6f9", fixed: true });

Clear the screen.


You may hide Damoo.


And bring it back.;

If needed, you may pause the animation.


And resume it when ready to go.


Hope you enjoy the code!


Send Pull Requests to contribute!


MIT License

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