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You're probably looking for samples of my work. Since some of it would be better suited with an explanation and some of it isn't even on Github, I've tried to compile a summary here of projects I've worked on. This will serve as a spring board for your journey into the vast wilderness of my code and just what my purpose was for building it.

Rails Todo List Code Sample - 2013

During a technical interview, I was asked to build a todo list web app. The requirements were that it needed to be user-driven (each user has their own todo list), it needed to be a single-page app, and it needed to communicate to the server via a RESTful API. I decided using Rails on the backend and AngularJS/Bootstrap on the frontend would be best suited for these requirements. The client-side application is compiled with Grunt and Browserify and delivered statically for optimal performance.

  • Source Code
  • Technologies: Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Grunt, Browserify, LESS, REST

TeamGrounds - 2009

This is a project based around the idea of giving gamers a way to create profiles for their teams and connect with other players. I never completed it because another bigger opportunity presented itself, but got far enough where users could have profiles, avatars and friends. In the process I invented my own mini framework complete with its own ORM. I eventually learned that there were frameworks already out there and that writing my own wasn't really necessary. Oh well.

CSS:RPG - 2006-2007

I built a game called CSS:RPG which was a modification to another game called Counter-Strike: Source. In its heyday it had 700+ servers hosting the mod with thousands of players. It was later featured in the printed edition of PC Gamer Magazine. To this date, the game has had 200,000 downloads.

XionBot - 2004-2005

Once upon a time, someone challenged me when they said that I didn't have the skills to build my own IRC bot in a low level language such as C. I set out to prove them wrong and that's exactly what I did. The result was a working, modular cross-platform bot that could be scripted with the PHP language. Needless to say, I felt somewhat vindicated.

  • Source Code
  • Technologies: C, Sockets, PHP SAPI, IRC Protocol

MumbleAdmin - 2010

A client wanted a way to control all of his Mumble servers (VoIP technology) via a web interface. I built this small application to his spec which worked by communicating with the Mumble daemons through ICE RPC middleware. He never paid me so I guess it might as well be a portfolio piece right?

  • Source Code
  • Technologies: PHP, CodeIgniter, ICE RPC, Mumble


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