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Added `FakeStrictRedis.from_url` from 2.4.13 #29

merged 1 commit into from

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@doismellburning doismellburning referenced this pull request in josegonzalez/python-beaver

`StrictRedis.from_url` is better than DIY-ing it #174


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Changes Unknown when pulling 7f66313 on doismellburning:from_url into ** on jamesls:master**.


Thanks, as per the contributing guidelines this has to have a test before this can be merged. This should be a pretty quick test to write, so I should be able to get to this soon. Unless of course you beat me to it.

@jamesls jamesls merged commit 7f66313 into from

Thanks, sorry, never quite got round to writing an appropriate test myself - cheers!

@doismellburning doismellburning deleted the branch

Any chance of a release including this fix please? Thanks!


0.4.1 is now out, which includes this pull request. Thanks again.

@josegonzalez josegonzalez referenced this pull request from a commit in josegonzalez/python-beaver
@doismellburning doismellburning `StrictRedis.from_url` is better than DIY-ing it
Note currently `fakeredis` doesn't support `from_url` - this is blocking
on jamesls/fakeredis#29 being merged in (I've
bumped version requirement in `tests.txt` accordingly)
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Commits on Jul 30, 2013
  1. @doismellburning
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@@ -66,6 +66,12 @@ def clear(self):
class FakeStrictRedis(object):
+ @classmethod
+ def from_url(cls, url, db=None, **kwargs):
+ # Since we throw away most of this in `__init__`...
+ return cls(db=db)
def __init__(self, db=0, **kwargs):
if db not in DATABASES:
DATABASES[db] = _StrKeyDict()
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