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@@ -36,27 +36,21 @@ Improvements
Below are a list of some of the improvements semidbm makes over dumbdbm.
-Index and Data File In Sync
+Single Data File
-Both the index file and the data file are updated on every write operation.
-This ensures that the index and data file are always in sync with each other.
-This was a problem with dumbdbm. The index file was out of sync with the
-data file as soon as updates were performed. With semidbm, any create, update,
-or delete command will be written out to the index file.
+Instead of an index file and a data file, the index and data have been
+consolidated into a single file. This single data file is always appended to,
+data written to the file is never modified.
-Index and Data File Compaction
+Data File Compaction
Semidbm uses a similar (but not identical) append only file format. This has
the potential to grow to large sizes as space is never reclaimed. Semidbm
-addresses this in two ways:
-* Compact the index when instantiated. Semidbm will compact the index if
- necessary when the index is initially loaded.
-* Add a compact() method that compacts the index and the data file. This
- allows a client to compact the db whenever they need.
+addresses this by adding a ``compact()`` method that will rewrite the
+data file to a minimal size.
@@ -74,7 +68,8 @@ Limitations
* Not thread safe; can't be accessed by multiple processes.
-* The entire index must fit in memory.
+* The entire index must fit in memory. This essentially means that all of the
+ keys must fit in memory.
Post feedback and issues on `github issues`_, or check out the

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