A set of python scripts for generating crosswords (actually codewords) puzzles
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#Generating codeword puzzles with python

Basically this code first generates large numbers of crossword patterns, which are then filtered leaving us with a few that have good properties. In this case pattern15_7.txt holds the representations of a few patterns that I consider good. More patterns would be advantageous, it will be done if I ever get around to it.

Once the patterns are generated, cw_fill2.py uses the wordlist in game2.txt to populate the crossword. These completed crosswords are output to a file that is read by cw_typeset2.py, which outputs a series of tex files which get included into crossword2.tex. It is then simply a matter of compiling the tex file to get a PDF of pretty crossword/codeword puzzles.

I wrote some blog posts about this, it has a little extra info. Generating patterns: http://www.cromulentrambling.com/2017/01/creating-crosswords-with-python.html populating them: http://www.cromulentrambling.com/2017/01/creating-crosswords-with-python_15.html

If you don't want to generate your own patterns, skip the first 3 steps below.

  • generate patterns with python cw_genpatterns.py > patterns15.txt. I left this for a few days, it takes a long time to find good crossword patterns.

  • some of the patterns aren't good, we have filtered the good ones using python cw_filterpattern.py > pattern15_6.txt.

  • some of the previous patterns are mostly empty, kept only >70% white in pattern15_7.txt

  • we then run python cw_fill2.py, it pulls a random pattern from pattern15_7 and fills it with words, outputing it to temp.txt using:

    NUMITER=10; echo -n > temp.txt; i=0; while [ $i -lt $NUMITER ]; do echo -n $i'-'; timeout 10 ../../Downloads/pypy2-v5.6.0-win32/pypy2-v5.6.0-win32/pypy cw_fill2.py >> temp.txt; if [ $? -eq 124 ] ; then echo 'timed out'; else echo 'done'; let "i=i+1"; fi done
  • run python cw_typeset2.py, it takes temp.txt and typesets each of the solutions in temp into auto0.tex -> autoN.tex

  • use latex to compile crossword2.tex to get final document