A simple example application that uses JSPM to load and use the Remote SVG module
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Remote SVG Demo

This is a really simple demonstration of how to install and use the Remote SVG library.

Remote SVG is distributed exclusively via the jspm package management system. If anything in these instructions stops working, you should check the jspm cli documentation, as things are moving fast at the time of writing.

Roughly, to recreate this demo project, follow these steps:

  1. Initialize a new jspm project: jspm init -y
  2. Install Remote SVG as a dependency: jspm install remote-svg=github:jamesmartin/remote-svg
  3. See the ./index.html and ./lib/main.js source files for usage
  4. CSS styles are provided by the ./lib/style.css file, via the System JS CSS Plugin
  5. Remember to run the app over HTTP (to keep Chrome happy). I use live-server