Allow Importing into Models from CSV.
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This extension allows the user to import data from csv.

Steps to set up:

1. Add module to protected/config/main.php, in modules. Like this:

             'onAfterImport' => array('ImportEvent', 'onAfterImport'),
             'onBeforeShowForm' => array('ImportEvent', 'onBeforeShowForm'),

2. Model Behavior. Add something like the below (with all your data) into your Model.

public function behaviors() {
    return array(
        'import' => array(
            'class' => 'ext.import.behaviors.ImportBehavior',
            //name of model
            //name of the controller
            //must appear how it appears in url
                'title'=>array('displayName'=>'Title', 'sample'=>'Oranges'),
                'itemName'=>array('displayName'=>'Item Name', 'sample'=>'Oranges'),
                'price'=>array('displayName'=>'Price', 'sample'=>'4 for $1'),
                'description'=>array('displayName'=>'Description', 'sample'=>'really good oranges'),
            //url that the user is returned to after successful import
            'returnUrl'=> '/deals/index',
            //the "title" field of the model
            'titleField'=> 'title',
            //do you want the user to see the data in form view
            'showImportForm'=> false,
            //only used if "showImportForm" is set to true
            //the view that must exist in the model's view folder

3. Add actions to Controller. Make sure to include your correct Model name.

public function actions()
    return array(
        'import'=>array('class'=>'ext.import.components.ImportModels', 'model'=>'Deals'),
        'template'=>array('class'=>'ext.import.components.ImportTemplate', 'model'=>'Deals')

4. Direct your user to the import url. In my example case, it's "deals/import".

5. If needed, you can add a method named onBeforeShowForm to your Model class. If you 
have this method, it will be called, allowing you to do some preprocessing of the data.
It's called like this:

public function onBeforeShowForm($model)

This is called for each csv row, or $model, having been populated with the row of data
in the csv.

Another "Event" is "afterImport". It's called after the import, and all imported model id's
are passed to it, in array form. It's called like this:

public function afterImport($modelIds)