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Coravel Pro


A professional admin panel for .NET Core apps!

Coravel Pro integrates seamlessly into your .NET Core app to give you a near-zero config admin backend. Ditch the database IDE and manage your important backend tasks with ease.

Repo Purpose

This repo is where you can file issues and view the roadmap for Coravel Pro.

Official Sites / Documentation

You may view the official documentation here.

You may visit the official web site for more details / licensing.


For non-commercial scenarios (side-projects, startups with no revenue, etc.) it's free to use - try it now!

For commercial scenarios, there are various licenses available for purchase.

Yes, it's not free. Why? It's not enough to open source it and "expect" donations. This isn't a hobby project. This is a legitimate product and is tough work.

This means (a) I will maintain it and (b) it will be production quality and (c) issues will be dealt with.

Coravel is open source and always will be.

Features / Screenshots

Here are some screenshots to peek your interest 😉

Database Persisted Job Scheduling

Schedule your jobs using a beautiful and intuitive user interface. No need to worry about your development schedules bleeding into your production schedules! "What happens in prod stays in prod." 🐱‍👤


Metrics Dashboard

These are custom metrics that you configure using any data you want - really. Hook into your EF Core data or an external API if needed! Just pass your data to Coravel Pro and it'll handle making everything look pretty 👌


Job Management

Manage important admin tasks like database re-indexing, sending out automated e-mail reminders, etc. 😎


Job History

View a history of all successful and failed jobs. Drilldown into failed job errors. 🔥

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