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Urban Dictionary Alexa Skill

Want to ask your Echo questionable terms and phrases? Curious what !&%@$ means but you're too afraid to ask your friends? Look no further!

This skill can be side-loaded into your Amazon Alexa Developer Account by using the information below to fill out your skill preferences. The wizard that Amazon guides you through to create your skill will have sections that mirror those below. Use the values below to fill out those fields.


Once you've created your skill, you can use some of the phrases below to ask for definitions:

  1. Alexa, ask Urban Dictionary to define _________________.
  2. Alexa, ask Urban Dictionary what does _________________ mean.
  3. Alexa, ask Urban Dictionary what _________________ means.

You can add more utterances and slot type values to the ones below if you can think of a more natural way to ask Alexa questions.

Lambda Function

During set up, you will be asked to create an Amazon Lambda function to host your skill's code. You'll want to create a Node.js Lambda function named "GetUrbanDictionaryDefinition" and use the code in the index.js file within this repository. You will need to make one modification to it though, and that's to line three shown below:


Your skill will be given an application id that you can find on the Skill Information tab of the editor. You'll need to replace the "PLACE YOUR APP ID HERE" text with the application id you are given (keeping the double quotes). Once you've created this Lambda Function, you'll be asked to link it to your Skill during the set up process.

Intent Schema

Within this repository, you will see a JSON file titled intent-schema.json. You will use the contents of this file to set the Intent Schema section of the Skill's preferences. This tells the Echo how to understand all of the variables of your skill.

Custom Slot Types

There are two custom slot types needed for this skill. These slot types allow you to add some variability to how people can ask questions. They are as follows:


to define
to search for
what is
what a
what does
what is the meaning of the phrase
what is the meaning of the word
the meaning of the phrase
the meaning of the word



Sample Utterances

The following utterances tell Alexa how people can summon this skill. Feel free to add more if you can think of anything that feels more natural.

GetUrbanDictionaryDefinition {SearchPrefix} {vanilla|Phrase} {SearchSuffix}
GetUrbanDictionaryDefinition {SearchPrefix} {devils advocate|Phrase} {SearchSuffix}
GetUrbanDictionaryDefinition {SearchPrefix} {blessing in disguise|Phrase} {SearchSuffix}
GetUrbanDictionaryDefinition {SearchPrefix} {penny for your thoughts|Phrase} {SearchSuffix}
GetUrbanDictionaryDefinition {SearchPrefix} {once in a blue moon|Phrase} {SearchSuffix}
GetUrbanDictionaryDefinition {SearchPrefix} {at the drop of a hat|Phrase} {SearchSuffix}
GetUrbanDictionaryDefinition {SearchPrefix} {don't count your chickens before they hatch|Phrase} {SearchSuffix}