A collection of Alfred workflows I've created.
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A collection of Alfred workflows I've created as well as some from people around the web.

###Generate Guid Does just what it says on the tin. You can either use a keyword of "guid" which will simply copy a new guid to your clipboard or you can hit the hotkey Cmd+Shift+G and it will copy it to your clipboard and insert it wherever your cursor currently is.

Note: This workflow requires the uuidgen application. I believe it's installed on OS X by default, let me know if that's not the case though.

###Bluetooth Toggle This one is fairly obvious. You can essentially use a keyword of "bt" or Cmd+Shift+B and it will toggle your bluetooth radio.

Note: This workflow requires the use of the blueutil application, which can be found here.

###IP Address workflow by David Ferguson This workflow was created by David Ferguson to look up your public and local IP. Super useful. Here's a direct link to the workflow and his post about it.