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A Laravel Eloquent Model trait for adding and using a uuid with models
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A Laravel Eloquent Model trait for adding and using a uuid with models

The trait listens to the creating event. It generates a new UUID and saves it in the uuid column on the model.


composer require jamesmills/eloquent-uuid


In order to use this trait, your schema must be something like:

	// ...
	Schema::create('users', function (Blueprint $table) {
		$table->uuid('uuid')->unique(); // this will create a CHAR(36) field
		$table->string('username', 32);
		$table->string('password', 50);
		// ...

In your models

In order to use this in your models, just put use HasUuidTrait;:


namespace App;
use JamesMills\Uuid\HasUuidTrait;

class User extends Eloquent
	use HasUuidTrait;

Querying your models

You may use the findByUuidOrFail method to try and fetch a model directly:


Route::get('/user/{uuid}', function($uuid) {
    try {
        return App\User::findByUuidOrFail($uuid);
    } catch (Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\ModelNotFoundException $e) {

You may also use the withUuid and withUuids local query scopes with the query builder.


Route::get('/user/{uuid}', function($uuid) {
    $user = App\User::withUuid($uuid)->first();
    if (! $user) {
        // Do something else...

Route::delete('/users', function(Request $request) {
    // Receive an array of UUIDs
    $uuids = $request->input('uuids');

    // Try to get the Users
    $users = App\User::withUuids($uuids)->all();
    // Handle the delete and return
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