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Geolocator Plugin for Xamarin and Windows

Simple cross platform plugin to get GPS location including heading, speed, and more. Additionally, you can track geolocation changes, reverse geocode, and more.


Get started by reading through the Geolocator Plugin documentation.

For common questions and issues see the FAQ


The Future: Xamarin.Essentials

I have been working on Plugins for Xamarin for a long time now. Through the years I have always wanted to create a single, optimized, and official package from the Xamarin team at Microsoft that could easily be consumed by any application. The time is now with Xamarin.Essentials, which offers over 50 cross-platform native APIs in a single optimized package. I worked on this new library with an amazing team of developers and I highly highly highly recommend you check it out.

I will continue to work and maintain my Plugins, but I do recommend you checkout Xamarin.Essentials to see if it is a great fit your app as it has been for all of mine!


Platform Support

Version 4.X

Platform Version
Xamarin.iOS iOS 8+
Xamarin.Android API 14+
Windows 10 UWP 10+
macOS All
tvOS 10+

Feature requests Vote for a feature requests at feature

Created By: @JamesMontemagno


The MIT License (MIT) see License file

This is a derivative to Xamarin.Mobile's Geolocator with a cross platform API and other enhancements.

Want To Support This Project?

All I have ever asked is to be active by submitting bugs, features, and sending those pull requests down! Want to go further? Make sure to subscribe to my weekly development podcast Merge Conflict, where I talk all about awesome Xamarin goodies and you can optionally support the show by becoming a supporter on Patreon.