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The most awesome Hanselman app
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Hanselman.Forms: Hanselman Everywhere


The most awesome Hanselman app built in about 4 hours to showcase a sample of Xamarin.Forms. Be sure to read Scott's blog:


In this sample Hanselman app we show awesome information about the awesome man who is Scott Hanselman including reading in his blog & parsing with XDocument. Additionally, I use Linq2Twitter PCL to grab all of Scott's tweets, all using a nice MVVM Style and nearly 100% code reuse.

To learn more about Xamarin.Forms visit:

To learn about developing native iOS, Android, and Windows apps in C# visit:

Screenshots - iOS, Android, & Windows Phone

Main Blog Slideout

Windows Store Preview

Xamarin.Forms is now available in PREVIEW for Windows Store and Windows Phone 8.1 RT platforms. You can see a full example now for Hanselman.Forms and read the full documentation at:


Android Wear

To setup Android wear simply install the main Hanselman app on your Android Phone and then the WearApp on your Android Wear device. HanselWear uses Google Play Services to synchronize Tweets from the main application. The code for this sync can be found in WearService.cs.

To find out more how to get started with Android Wear with Xamarin please visit:

HanselWear HanselWear

Apple Watch

HanselWatch uses simple app group data to sync tweets. You must setup an app group id in your developer portal. To find out more about creating Apple Watch apps with Xamarin please visit:


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