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Hanselman.Forms: Hanselman Everywhere

The most awesome Hanselman app built originall in about 4 hours to showcase a sample of Xamarin.Forms. Be sure to read Scott's blog on the app.

Since release we have worked open source on Twitch to use the latest features of Xamarin.Forms and awesome plugins from the community including:

  • Audio & Video Playback
  • Background Syncronization
  • Azure Functions Optimized Backend
  • Azure Logic App Updating
  • Pretty UI with Xamarin.Forms Shell, CollectionView, Material Visual, and more

In this sample Hanselman app we show awesome information about the awesome man who is Scott Hanselman including reading in his blog, tweets, podcasts, and videos. All of this using a nice MVVM Style and nearly 100% code reuse.

To learn more about Xamarin.Forms visit:

To learn about developing native iOS, Android, and Windows apps in C# with Xamarin visit:

Build Status

Build Server Type Platform Status
Azure DevOps App Build macOS Build status
Azure DevOps Functions Build Windows Build status


Development build available:

Source Platform QR Code
App Center Android

Made Possible By

Awesome Tools

Run Twitter Auth Locally

  • run ngrok http 5000
  • Update auth redirect on Azure Function
  • Update Cores on Azure Functions
  • Update Twitter App with Url
  • Update code "constants.cs" with url
  • AuthInfo extensions change url to