Jeff Goldblum text placeholder generator of pure amazingness. (Unofficial .NET version of by @seanehalpin)
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Jeff Goldblum text placeholder generator of pure amazingness. (Unofficial .NET version of by @seanehalpin)

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Jeffsum.NET NuGet
Development Feed MyGet


using Jeffsum;
//using static Jeffsum.Goldblum;

// Goldblum.ReceiveTheJeff(count, jeffsumType);
// with static: ReceiveTheJeff(count, jeffsumType);

var words = Goldblum.ReceiveTheJeff(5, JeffsumType.Words); 
var quotes = Goldblum.ReceiveTheJeff(5, JeffsumType.Quotes); 
var paragraphs = Goldblum.ReceiveTheJeff(5, JeffsumType.Paragraphs); //default
  • count - The amount of amazingness you want to receive. Valid 1-99.
  • jeffsumType - Type of Jeffsum you want back: words, quotes, or paragraphs

More Jeffsum

Find more Jeffsum at:


Original idea by @seanehalpin

The MIT License (MIT) see License file

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