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LegacyBar an ActionBar for Xamarin.Android (Mono for Android)

This was originally a port of android-actionbar by Johan Nilson.

LegacyBar is under rapid development by Tomasz Cielecki (@Cheesebaron) and James Montemagno (@JamesMontemagno) and is quickly moving away from the what the port initially was.

It now features:

  • A fully customizeable Action Bar
  • 4 Built in base themes
  • Integrates with current Menus
  • Overflow on API 11+ Devices
  • Dynamic Action Bar Item Count based on screen resolution
  • Importable library
  • Bottom Action Bar (beta)

Sample App

Projects which use LegacyBar


Bottom and Overflow Home Activity Other Activity

For more screenshots look in the Screenshots folder


  • Refactor Bottom Action Bar
  • Implement Base Themes
  • More samples
  • More Docs




Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

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