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My Expenses

Online Offline Azure Mobile Services Sync

To see the latest version including Azure Mobile Services Online/Offline Sync see:

My Expenses Cross Platform Demo - VSToolbox

Videos are available on Channel 9:

Part 1: Cross Platform Mobile Development with Xamarin

Part 2: Using Portable Class Libraries with Xamarin

Part 3: Cross Platform Mobile Apps with Xamarin and Azure Mobile Services

My Expenses

Expense taking cross platform application for Windows Phone, Android, and iOS built with Xamarin inside of Visual Studio 2013. Expenses are stored locally in a Sqlite-net database. You can add new expenses and edit or delete existing. All business logic is shared in one portable class library.

Written in C# with (Xamarin) Created in Visual Studio 2013

Open Source Project by (@JamesMontemagno)

For Windows Phone you must install SQLite for Windows Phone Extension:

** For Azure Mobile Services Integration please read the setup at the bottom of this page! **

How much code is shared?

I have included an "Analysis Project", which will count the shared lines of code. Up to 80% of code is shared across platforms. All of the Models, Services, View Models, and tons of helper classes are all found in one single PCL library.

What technology is used?

Everything is written in C# with Xamarin with a base PCL library. This project couldn't have been done without the following:

Json.NET - I use both the NuGet in the PCL and component for iOS for facade linking. One of the most wonderful Json libraries that I simply love. It is used to deserialize all information coming from the APIs. PCL is also used for this and I reference the portable-net40 folder to ensure iOS works correctly.

Azure Mobile Services and Used optionally to store data up into Azure and sync between devices! I use the NuGet in Windows Phone and PCL and then the components for each iOS and Android. See below for more information.

HTTP Client Libraries - Brings HTTP Client functionality to Windows Phone in PCL.

Windows Phone Toolkit - Everyone's favorite WP toolkit!

ANDHud - Brings in a nice spinner for Xamarin.Android

BTProgressHud - Great spinner for iOS

MonoTouch.Dialog - A wonderful library for Xamarin.iOS to create user interfaces quick with not a lot of code.

Sqlite-net PCL - A wonderful library for cross platform sqlite databases. Now in PCL form with:

Azure Mobile Services Integration

"https://"+"PUT-SITE-HERE" +"",


  • This information can be found on Azure


Copyright 2014 Xamarin Inc.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

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