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Coffee Filter - Find Coffee Fast

Full application detecting the closest coffee locations to you using Google Maps Lite.


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Note: iOS + Watch version is available for TestFlight beta testing, contact for details.

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Maps & Places (special note)

To use the Google Maps API on Android you must generate an API key and add it to your Android project. See the Xamarin doc on obtaining a Google Maps API key. After following those instructions, paste the API key in the Properties/AndroidManifest.xml file (view source and find/update the following element):

<meta-data android:name="" android:value="APIKeyGoesHere" />

You need to follow these instructions in order for the map data to display in MobileCRM on Android.

To use Google Maps API on iOS you should generate another one API key for iOS application and add it to AppDelegate.cs file:

const string GoogleMapsAPIKey = "APIKeyGoesHere";

Please follow Xamarin Watch Kit getting started guide to learn how to run watch app. Also make sure that you have correct provisioning profiles setup.

Places Rest API In addition to this you must toggle on Places API under Services in your Google API Console. Then you can create a new “Simple API Access Key” that can be used in the CoffeeFilterViewModel.cs file.

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Coming Soon

  • Pull to Refresh
  • Easier to Navigate
  • Ability to move pin while moving


The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2014 James Montemagno / Refractored LLC


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