Hacking GitHub into Cinnamon Linux
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GitHub Explorer

More information visit the Github Page

  • github-projects - Add your public GitHub repositories to your Cinnamon desktop, giving you quick access links and stats, basic alerts.
  • /demo/force-quit/ = A simple applet to kill a specified window - tutorial: http://cinnamon.linuxmint.com/?p=156
  • /demo/test-notification/ = a simple applet which should demonstrate (or find issues) using HTML in notifications

  • See TODO for more details

  • For issues please report any problems here

Installation Cinnamon 1.8+

  • Right click on your panel, click 'Add applets to the panel'.
  • Click on 'Get more on-line' tab.
  • Find 'GitHub Explorer', right click and 'Mark for installation'.
  • Once installed 'Configure' and 'Add to panel'.

Installation Pre Cinnamon 1.8

  • Download version 0.5 from here
  • Place the folder in ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/
  • Right click on the applet to alter settings, adding your username
  • Restart Cinnamon or your PC


  • Cinnamon 2.0+
  • Linux Mint 16

Change Log


  • Show open issues for each repository within the name, includes options, default enabled - #32


  • Added link to view watchers with icon
  • Created simple github page
  • Renamed repository to github-explorer


  • Indentation added to nested menu elements, thanks @azzazzel


  • Tested on Cinnamon 2.0+
  • Removed Settings context menu link if running on Cinnamon 2.0+


  • Added ability to create a Gist as default
  • Contribution: Removed warnings from Looking Glass, thanks @Koutch


  • Basic support of watching changes to repos and notification of alerts
  • Enable additional notifications with settings, default disabled


  • Prevent further GitHub query when API query threshold reached, uses X-RateLimit headers
  • Improve applet tooltip on API rate exceeded and errors
  • Build in verbose Logging for with setting to enable/disable


  • Remove old settings files which are not needed
  • Optional menu item if no project home found i.e. dont display it if not present
  • Last Query Attempt added to tooltip off applet
  • Simple logging of Request limits and rates


  • Removal of custom settings implementation, now using Cinnamon 1.8 Settings API and hooks as well as adding more settings
  • Tweaked context menu to open new settings
  • Refactor of looping code when querying GitHub


  • Increased default refresh interval to 3 minutes
  • Change default user to 'username' and @myself
  • Github username link not updated when user changes
  • Display popup when no user is set on start
  • Dont perform inital lookup request when no user is set
  • Refactorings of menu creation logic, method names etc

Historic Change Log


  • Fix missing icon in applet explorer - thanks @maristgeek
  • Improve installation scripts - thanks @magno32
  • Fix missing user agent string from GitHub API integration - thanks @magno32
  • General code refactor of error reporting
  • Ensure working with Cinnamon 1.8 and Linux Mint 15
  • Remove Verbose Logging mode as served little purpose


  • On 403 error from GitHub, show error message supplied in alert and not default error message
  • Re-factor Notifications and their content
  • Minor re-factorings, replacement of this being miss used!
  • Enable verbose logging mode via settings, default false


  • Only show failure message X 5
  • Re-written error message to make sense!
  • Correct Icon/Image for settings right click menu

Archived Versions

For use on Cinnamon 1.7 and below please use release V0.5 which can be found within the release folder.



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