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jHDF - Pure Java HDF5 library

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This is a hobby project for me to see if I can write a loader for HDF5 files. The file format specification is available from the HDF Group here. More information on the format is available on Wikipedia.

The intension is to make a clean Java API to access HDF5 data. Currently the project is targeting HDF5 1.8 read-only compatibility. For progress see the change log.

Here is an example of reading a dataset with jHDF (see

File file = new File("/path/to/file.hdf5");
try (HdfFile hdfFile = new HdfFile(file)) {
	Dataset dataset = hdfFile.getDatasetByPath("/path/to/dataset");
	// data will be a Java array with the dimensions of the HDF5 dataset
	Object data = dataset.getData();

For an example of traversing the tree inside a HDF5 file see

Developing jHDF

  • Clone this repository.
  • Inside the jhdf directory run ./gradlew build (./gradlew.bat build on Windows) this will run the build and tests fetching dependencies.
  • To prepare the project for an IDE run ./gradlew eclipse for Eclipse, or ./gradlew idea for IntelliJ. This should create the necessary project files for the project to be imported and setup in the IDE.
  • Once you have made any changes please open a pull request.

To see other available Gradle tasks run ./gradlew tasks

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