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A (WIP) SPSC, lockless, no_std, thread safe, queue, based on BipBuffers
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BBQueue, short for "BipBuffer Queue", is a (work in progress) Single Producer Single Consumer, lockless, no_std, thread safe, queue, based on BipBuffers. It is written in the Rust Programming Language.

It is designed (primarily) to be a First-In, First-Out queue for use with DMA on embedded systems.

While Circular/Ring Buffers allow you to send data between two threads (or from an interrupt to main code), you must push the data one piece at a time. With BBQueue, you instead are granted a block of contiguous memory, which can be filled (or emptied) by a DMA engine.

See The Documentation for more details

Using in a single threaded context

use bbqueue::{BBQueue, bbq};

fn main() {
    // Create a statically allocated instance
    let bbq = bbq!(1024).unwrap();

    // Obtain a write grant of size 128 bytes
    let mut wgr = bbq.grant(128).unwrap();

    // Fill the buffer with data
    wgr.copy_from_slice(&[0xAFu8; 128]);

    // Commit the write, to make the data available to be read
    bbq.commit(wgr.len(), wgr);

    // Obtain a read grant of all available and contiguous bytes
    let rgr =;

    for i in 0..128 {
        assert_eq!(rgr[i], 0xAFu8);

    // Release the bytes, allowing the space
    // to be re-used for writing
    bbq.release(rgr.len(), rgr);

Using in a multi-threaded environment (or with interrupts, etc.)

use bbqueue::{BBQueue, bbq};
use std::thread::spawn;

fn main() {
    // Create a statically allocated instance
    let bbq = bbq!(1024).unwrap();
    let (mut tx, mut rx) = bbq.split();

    let txt = spawn(move || {
        for tx_i in 0..128 {
            'inner: loop {
                match tx.grant(4) {
                    Ok(mut gr) => {
                        gr.copy_from_slice(&[tx_i as u8; 4]);
                        tx.commit(4, gr);
                        break 'inner;
                    _ => {}

    let rxt = spawn(move || {
        for rx_i in 0..128 {
            'inner: loop {
                match {
                    Ok(gr) => {
                        if gr.len() < 4 {
                            rx.release(0, gr);
                            continue 'inner;

                        assert_eq!(&gr[..4], &[rx_i as u8; 4]);
                        rx.release(4, gr);
                        break 'inner;
                    _ => {}


The bbqueue crate is located in core/, and tests are located in bbqtest/.


Feature Name On by default? Description
std No Enables convenience methods for allocating on the Heap, instead of statically
cortex-m No Provides a convenience macro for safely allocating in a critical section on Cortex-M devices


Licensed under either of

at your option.


Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.

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