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Teensy with Rust

This is an example project that consumes the teensy3-rs crate. It is intended to be forked, or copied into a new project. It provideds the following important components:

  • .cargo/config: Instructs Cargo how which target to build
  • thumb7em-none-eabi.json: Target configuration items specific to the build process
  • Cargo.toml: Specification of profile.(dev|release)
  • mk20dx256.ld: Linker file specific to the Teensy 3.1/3.2 processors
  • src/ A few necessary compiler flags


Safe Components

Items used from the teensy3 crate directly can be used as safe rust code. In this function, notice how there is no unsafe marker:

extern crate teensy3;
use teensy3::serial::Serial;

// ...

/// Send a message over the USB Serial port
pub fn hello(ser: &Serial) -> Result<(),()> {
    let msg = "Hello Teensy Rusty World!\n\r";

Items used from the teensy3::bindings module are NOT marked as safe (because they are direct C++ code mappings). These require an unsafe mark at either the function or block level:

extern crate teensy3;
use teensy3::bindings;

// ...

/// Blink the light twice to know we're alive
pub unsafe fn alive() {
    for _ in 0..2 {
        bindings::digitalWrite(13, bindings::LOW as u8);
        bindings::digitalWrite(13, bindings::HIGH as u8);
        bindings::digitalWrite(13, bindings::LOW as u8);


  • Fork/Clone this repo
  • Install xargo
  • Install arm-none-eabi-gcc, add to $PATH
  • Run make flash


  • A somewhat current Nightly Build of Rust (currently tested on rustc 1.13.0-nightly (6ffdda1ba 2016-09-14))
  • Japaric's Xargo Tool - used to cross compile libcore
  • A somewhat current arm-none-eabi-gcc toolchain.
    • 4.9.3 seems to work with a slight linker hack
    • 6.x.x seems to work without hacks.


Rust contributions are licensed under the MIT License.

Please Note: ASM, C, C++, and Linker Components of the teensy3-sys crate (a dependency of the teensy3 crate) contain components licensed under the MIT License, PJRC's modified MIT License, and the LGPL v2.1. Please refer to individual components for more details.