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0.50 2017-10-16
* --compiler: Add additional feature test macros.
* --misc: Show if running in a virtual machine.
0.49 2017-02-12
* FreeBSD 11 capsicum fixes.
* Fix PROCENV_EXEC_ENV harder.
0.48 2017-01-31
* Fix makedev(3) compiler error (it's now in sys/sysmacros.h).
(thanks Dave Love).
0.47 2017-01-31
* Fixed hang when using PROCENV_EXEC variable.
* Test improvements.
0.46 2016-05-28
* Fixed --file-append behaviour.
* Test improvements.
* Added support for Apple OSX (darwin).
0.45 2016-03-21
* Code restructured internally to simplify maintenance and adding
new platforms. See src/platform/README.rst (and README-BUILD.rst).
* Dropped support for:
- kFreeBSD (Debian using a FreeBSD kernel) - defunc project.
- Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) - no longer a supported platform.
* Added support for NetBSD, OpenBSD and Minix 3.
* --meta: Now shows details of the procenv platform driver being
* --misc now shows "security module" rather than
"linux security module".
* --file-append: new option (env var is "PROCENV_FILE_APPEND")
to append to the --file= specified rather than overwriting.
0.44 2016-02-15
* --cgroup: Handle cgroup2 (cgroups v2).
* --clocks: now also includes CLOCK_REALTIME_COURSE, CLOCK_REALTIME_HR,
* --cpu: added I/O priority.
* Fixed crash if non-output argument specified before "--exec".
0.43 2015-11-24
* Namespace fix for non-Linux platforms.
0.42 2015-11-05
* Documentation improvements.
* Removed reliance on autoreconf
(required due to limitations in github release process).
* Improved '--namespaces' output by removing indexes.
0.41 2015-10-23
* Further test improvements.
* Correct output order (libc before misc).
* Run compiler test before building procenv to aide remote debugging
should the build fail.
* Code tidy-ups and Coverity tweaks.
* Added '--namespaces'/'-F' option.
0.40 2015-09-27
* Updated email address.
* New --libc'/'-B' option.
* --enable-reproducible-build
* '--compiler': Added _DEFAULT_SOURCE, _LARGEFILE_SUPPORT and
* locale fixes.
0.39 2015-08-25
* Fixed tests harder :)
0.38 2015-08-24
* Fixed tests for non-UTF-8 locales.
0.37 2015-08-23
* Improved error handling.
* Added CAP_AUDIT_READ capability.
* Improved build-time tests.
* Tolerate a completely empty environment.
* Fixed bug where fsid in '--mounts' output was displaying truncated
output on Linux.
* Fix crasher bug triggered by specifying a UTF-8 character to
'--separator' or '--crumb-separator'.
* Allow '--indent-char' to be UTF-8.
0.36 2014-08-16
* RHEL/Centos spec file - thanks Dave Love
(LP: #1327594).
* Improved checks for SELinux/Apparmor (LP: #1333182).
* Added missing types from stdint.h to '--sizeof'.
* Fixed building on systems with old NUMA libraries, such as
Centos/RHEL 5 (LP: #1333194). However, bug is not yet fully
resolved since cpu details seem to be reported incorrectly
on these old systems.
* Corrected SELinux detection code and added MLS detection.
* Added missing conf calls such that '--sysconf', '--pathconf' and
'--confstr' combined are now on par with getconf(1).
* More man page examples.
* Major internal rewrite to handle all data as wchar_t to avoid failing
in locales using UTF-8 characters (LP: #1325494).
0.35 2014-06-03
* Update to handle Linux 3.15 kernel which has
dropped ability to query extended network interfaces flags
(LP: #1324256).
0.34 2014-03-25
* Enable builds for systems with old versions of libcap.
* Add Linux binary personality (with flags) to '--misc' output.
* Fix for rpm spec file.
* Updated man page.
0.33 2014-03-14
* Improved RPM spec file to include check phase and Conditional
architecture dependency logic.
* Updated for OpenRISC.
* --ranges now also shows the symbolic names (such as "LONG_MAX").
* Reworked capabilities support to show effective, inheritable and
permitted value for each capability in addition to the existing
bounding set value. Will also display "unknown" capabilities if run on
a system whose running kernel has more capabilities than the system
procenv was built on.
0.32 2014-01-31
* Generate .spec file to ensure version stays in sync with
0.31 2014-01-31
* FEATURE: Added RPM specfile courtesy of Dave Love.
* FEATURE: --capabilities now displays Capsicum capabilities
if available (FreeBSD 9/10+).
* FIX: Environment display could cause a crash.
* FIX: Last attacher process in shared memory display on Linux
incorrectly showed the current process name rather than the last.
0.30 2014-01-18
* FIX: Semaphore fix for PPC and Sparc platforms.
0.29 2014-01-13
* FIX: Allow building on Linux systems whose
architectures are not NUMA-capable.
0.28 2014-01-10
* FIX: Process ancestry now displayed on kFreeBSD by default.
* FIX: Fixes to identify AARCH64, SuperH and PPC64.
* FEATURE: Added ability to identify PPCspe and PPC64LE
* FEATURE: '--cpu' now displays processor affinity details (LP: #1251209).
* FEATURE: --memory/-Y added to display NUMA memory details.
* FEATURE: Lots of test improvements.
0.27 2013-10-14
* Added IPC options '--shared-memory', '--semaphores' and
* Added rudimentary "make check" tests.
* Made default text output highly structured.
* Added ability to produce output in XML, JSON and "breadcrumb"
(including CSV) formats.
* Added ability to specify indent amount, indent character and
separators (via command-line or environment variable).
0.26 2013-08-27
* Check to determine if running on a console now works for
FreeBSD/kFreeBSD too.
* Added ability to show all arguments (-A/--arguments)
(useful when using --exec).
* Added ability to display network details (-N/--network).
* Added BSD/Hurd-specific signals.
* Corrected output sort order.
* Mount details now include block, inode and fsck details.
0.25 2013-07-19
* Fixed bug where procenv would hang in a FreeBSD jail.
* Port to Android.
0.24 2013-06-28
* Packaging update for automake-1.13 to ensure procenv output
available in build logs.
0.23 2013-05-31
* Tolerate Linux environments where /proc is not mounted.
* Fix kFreeBSD detection and add support for IBM SystemZ
0.22 2013-05-17
* Added --platform option which contains some information that
was formally in --misc output, but also now includes the
number of "architecture bits" (executable bits) and the
programming model for the platform (such as LP32/ILP64).
0.21 2013-04-07
* Various improvements from Mike Miller including umask
restoration fix.
* Display terminal attribute locked status (Linux only).
0.20 2013-01-15
* Sort environment variables and groups in locale-aware fashion.
* FreeBSD fix for LC_NAME.
0.19 2012-12-17
* Fixed an assertion failure if running with nice -1.
0.18 2012-12-06
* Improvements to Apparmor+SELinux handling
(Mike Miller).
* prctl fixes (thanks Dave Love).
0.17 2012-12-06
* Further locale improvements from Dave Love.
* Cosmetic man-page improvements.
0.16 2012-12-02
* Add support for RHEL builds (thanks Dave Love).
* Locale improvements.
* Correction for detecting ARMHF.
* Environment variables are now sorted to make diffing easier.
* ChangeLog now reflects bzr branch history.
0.15 2012-11-28
* Fixes for Hurd.
0.14 2012-11-28
* Scheduler and non-Linux platform fixes for --threads.
0.13 2012-11-26
* Added --threads option.
* Additional resilience to running in unusual environments.
0.12 2012-11-22
* Added show_compiler_details test.
* Fix for GNU/Hurd.
0.11 2012-11-21
* Don't allow prctl to fail, even for environments
such as chroots where libc defines the symbols, but
the kernel outside the chroot does not implement
the features.
0.10 2012-11-20
* Further platform fixes identified by building on
Debian-supported buildd's.
* Added locale output.
0.9 2012-11-19
* Platform fixes identified by building on Debian-supported
* Improved man page.
0.8 2012-11-16
* Man page updates.
* Added resource usage.
* Added more types for --sizeof.
0.7 2012-11-05
* Fixes for non-x86 kernels and specific kernel versions.
0.6 2012-10-27
* AppArmor, capabilities and prctl(2) contributions from
Kees Cook.
0.5 2012-10-27
* Fluff removal.
0.4 2012-10-27
* Path resolution fixes and strsep() safety.
0.3 2012-10-26
* Man page fixes.
0.2 2012-10-26
* Include man page in distribution.
0.1 2012-10-25
* Initial public release.