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Cloud image hosting

This is my home-cooked version of cloud-based image hosting a la CloudApp. The flow is:

  • image is uploaded to an S3 bucket by the upload script
  • S3 triggers a Lambda function which asks Rekognition to supply some tags for the image, then writes an HTML wrapper for that it and writes that back to the bucket at a new prefix
  • the Lambda function posts to an SQS queue with the path that the HTML file is available at
  • the upload script retrieves the message from the queue and prints the URL to the file
  • CloudFront sits in front of S3 to do HTTPS and caching

Approximate deployment instructions


  • an AWS account
  • the awscli installed

Do this

  • In us-east-1, create an ACM certification for the name you want to use for hosting (or upload one)
  • Once the certificate is ready, launch a CloudFormation stack using the supplied template (in whichever region, although probably one with Rekognition is a good idea)
    • The DomainName parameter is the full domain name you want to use (same as your ACM cert)
    • AcmCertificate is the ARN for the cert you generated
    • HostedZoneName is the Route53 zone to create the alias to CloudFront in, which means if DomainName is it's (with the trailing dot). If your domain isn't in Route53, you should leave this blank.
    • TwitterHandle is optional; if set it's used in the metadata of the HTML
    • KeySerial should start at 1. If you want to rotate the access key pair for uploading, update the stack and increment it
  • Wait about 45 minutes for the stack to be complete. CloudFront takes AGES to start/configure.
  • mkdir -p ~/.config/cloud
  • Edit config in the above directory thusly:
CLOUD_DOMAIN=[your DomainName value]
CLOUD_QUEUE=[get this from the Stack Outputs]
CLOUD_PROFILE=[a profile name for the awscli; I use cloud]
CLOUD_BUCKET=[your DomainName value too]
  • Edit ~/.aws/credentials and add a profile named as per above, with the access key/secret the stack Outputs gives you, and the right default region
  • With a profile (export AWS_PROFILE=...; export AWS_DEFAULT_REGION=...) which has write access to the bucket (not the credentials you just put in the config, those can only upload images), ./ to upload the template and js/css to S3.

Approximate usage instructions

% ./ Ksov89X.png

I have the following in my zsh config to allow me to run post image.jpg and post-recent-screenshot. The URL to the hosted image is placed in my clipboard.

if [[ -x ~/src/cloud/ ]]; then
	function post() {
		post_url=$( ~/src/cloud/ "$1" )
		if [[ -n $post_url ]]; then
			echo "--> $post_url"
			post_url=$( echo -n $post_url | tr -d '\n' )
			export POST_LAST_URL=$post_url
			echo -n $post_url | pbc
			echo "Failed."
	function post() {
		echo 'cloud is not available or not executable'
alias post-recent-screenshot='post ~/Desktop/Screen\ Shot\ *(om[1])'


Image of architecture


DIY cloud image hosting in S3 with CloudFront and Lambda





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