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Push DarkSky info to your LaMetric clock
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A LaMetric skill(?) to push DarkSky information to your alarm clock.


Configuration/set up

  • Sign up for Dark Sky API
  • Sign up for LaMetric as a developer
  • Create an app. Specify a basic thing for it to display (like a weather icon and "Hello" text). The content to display is pushed by the code when it updates, so you don't need to worry about including enough cards or anything.
  • Create (or already have) an S3 bucket which will store the code package during deployment. Doesn't need to be public.
  • Install jq and sam-local

Create params.json as a standard CloudFormation parameters JSON file.

Specify the following keys:

  • DarkskyApiKey: your Dark Sky API key
  • Latitude: the latitude to fetch weather for
  • Longitude: the longitude
  • LaMetricToken: your API token for LaMetric
  • LaMetricKey: your app key for LaMetric


Something like:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt in the darksky directory.

In the sam-app directory, sam package --template-file template.yaml --s3-bucket YOUR_S3_BUCKET --output-template-file output.yaml

This pushes the code up to S3 for the deployment to pick up later, and outputs the template for CloudFormation to use.


aws cloudformation deploy --template-file output.yaml --stack-name darksky-function --capabilities CAPABILITY_IAM --parameter-overrides $(jq -r '.[] | [.ParameterKey, .ParameterValue] | join("=")' params.json)

Note that deploy doesn't take a params file parameter so we have to fudge it with jq.

Every 30 mins (0/30 mins past the hour) the code will run and update your LaMetric. It doesn't run overnight. Modify the cron(...) property in the CloudFormation template to adjust.

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