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Tarsnap Manager

  • Creates Tarsnap archives in standard formats - nightly and adhoc.
  • Expires backups after time specified in the configuration file.

Configuration Format

Configuration is a simplified YAML as provided by Gypsy.


  • TarsnapBin (string)

    The path to the tarsnap binary. Defaults to /usr/local/bin/tarsnap.

  • TarsnapArgs (list)

    Arguments to be passed to tarsnap. Parameters (starting with a dash) must be quoted in double-quotes. Quotes will be removed prior to execution.

  • ExcludeFile (string)

    Path to a file which contains files/directories to be excluded from backup.

  • BackupDirs (list)

    Directories to be backed up.

  • KeepWeeks (int)

    The number of weeks to retain nightly backups.

  • KeepMonths (int)

    The number of months to retain monthly backups.

  • ExpireBackups (bool)

    Whether to enable expiring of backups. Disabled by default.


TarsnapBin: /usr/bin/tarsnap
 - "--quiet"
ExcludeFile: /etc/tarsnap.exclude
 - /etc
 - /var/log
KeepWeeks: 5
KeepMonths: 24
ExpireBackups: true